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Retail – it’s all about class

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The following note deals with the protection of trade marks in connection with online retail services.  This was originally posted on  A site dedicated to online retailing and multi channel retailing.  The original note can be read here Continue reading


Some brand extensions just make perfect sense

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“Symbolic Meaning”: You expect to lie on a couch with the bearded therapist prying into your relationship with your mother through interpretation of your dreams using Jungian symbolic meaning or Rorschach inkblot tests… but it is not so hard …Here we explain the TM, R Circle and Copyright symbols without the beard or couch.


Lemmings R Us

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There are obvious parallels between launching any new branded product and the arrival of a new baby.  Think gestation period, inflexible deadline, exhausting launch, heralded arrival and of course naming.

Even if children are only in your peripheral vision, you will be aware that certain names are very popular.  There is probably a maximum of two degrees of separation between you and a young William, Jack, Oliver, Joshua, Thomas, Lachlan, Cooper, Noah, Ethan, Lucas, Isabella, Ruby, Chloe, Olivia, Charlotte, Mia, Lily, Emily, Ella or Sienna (see Popular names NSW 2010). Continue reading

Australian brand in the headlines

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Q – What’s black, white & read all over?


A – Aesop’s kiosk at New York’s Grand Central Terminal.

Fashioned from over 1,000 copies of the New York Times this cutting edge design is featured on the Aesop Website and is discussed at Brandchannel

Does branding get any better than this?  Monochromatic sensibility, timeless packaging, exciting retail design which eschews cookie cutter roll outs,  Australian roots…and of course great product.

Traffic Report

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Google AdWords + Trade Marks

Reduce your mortgage.  Improve your…stamina.  Lose weight.  Create more web traffic.

Unsolicited Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services are the new spam.  Clearly securing Google page one real estate must be something constantly troubling us all. Continue reading

Because they’re worth it.

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Tagline, strapline, endline, slogan, catch phrase…  Although marketing purists would not necessarily regard these terms as identical, let’s proceed on the basis that they all generally refer to a phrase used in marketing as part of brand / business identity.

Everyone knows that taglines have a very important marketing function.  Some are so successful that the brand is immediately recalled upon mention.  Think: -FULL POST>