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Out and about: street art

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George Street, Sydney, November 2011

You’ve got to love Sydney in the Spring. The city is transformed into a living canvas, with public art at every turn.

It’s all part of the annual Art & About event. It’s worth checking out.



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Snowman patent - a possible final product of the invention

Eureka! Lumpy asymmetrical snowpeople are now a thing of the

Today reports on a quirky US patent for the construction
or building of a Snow Man or Snow Woman.

The invention relates to an apparatus for facilitating the

Children and their parents concerned by infringement claims are welcome to contact us for freedom to operate searches.

Warning – two potential infringers at work in New Zealand?

Patent infringement in action?

Full details and an entertaining history of snow people can
be read here: Snowbusiness

A Patent Factory

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Patent factory are well known: the early pharmacies relied on patents that were bootstrapped into existing outlets.

One of the many patent factories that surround us or have influenced us

Self portrait #5

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Continuing the theme of the hidden self in self portraits

Out and about

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Street type

Out and about

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Winter Festival, Sydney

1P is going places!

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We are turning the wheels of commerce in a healthy, branded + sustainable way.

For bicycle enthusiasts, this black beauty is a Velorbis Churchill Balloon.  Danish designed, German built, embracing Sydney’s new cycle lanes. Perfect for the urban commuter.

Join the Tour de Lance.