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Out and about: street art

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George Street, Sydney, November 2011

You’ve got to love Sydney in the Spring. The city is transformed into a living canvas, with public art at every turn.

It’s all part of the annual Art & About event. It’s worth checking out.


Top Advertising Agency IP – going cheap or creating value

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The following note deals with the creation of IP by an advertising agency, remuneration and the creative possibilities that copyright offers.  This was originally posted on the blog of marketing management gurus  TrinityP3

The original note can be read here

Perhaps the number one (silly) copyright misconception is that copyright protection is somehow obtained by mailing your work to yourself and retaining the unopened envelope.  This is commonly known as Poor Man’s Copyright.

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IP Conundrum #4

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IP conundrum #4


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IP conundrum #3

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IP Conundrum #3




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“Symbolic Meaning”: You expect to lie on a couch with the bearded therapist prying into your relationship with your mother through interpretation of your dreams using Jungian symbolic meaning or Rorschach inkblot tests… but it is not so hard …Here we explain the TM, R Circle and Copyright symbols without the beard or couch.


Intangible assets – the new economic indicator

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Intellectual property has evolved from a collection of legal rights to now being a major asset that performs independently, when compared to other assets.  Has this evolution changed the way in which IP performs relative to economic change?

Last week the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) released statistics for each country’s registered IP trends against GDP and other indicators.  Registered IP includes patent, trade mark and design registrations.

These statistics show that the rate of growth of registered IP in the major economies have had a marked decrease: that is, the growth in the number of patents, trade marks and design rights filed has fallen from 2008 onwards.  WIPO’s mapping of registered IP filings against GDP, shows registered IP filings to be much more volatile and extreme when compared to change in GDP. Continue reading

IP conundrum #2

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IP conundrum #2


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