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Retail – it’s all about class

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The following note deals with the protection of trade marks in connection with online retail services.  This was originally posted on  A site dedicated to online retailing and multi channel retailing.  The original note can be read here Continue reading


Some brand extensions just make perfect sense

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IP conundrum #3

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IP Conundrum #3



Where do lawyers come from – a narrative fallacy

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The perception of the lawyer is stated in today’s SMH as:

Many males went to all-boys private schools and males brief their mates …[1], so the story goes…

Has anyone ever looked at who practices law from a qualitative perspective – particularly looking at the range of practitioner’s backgrounds?  The newspaper story above would have us believe that the CV of most lawyers reflects a narrative that may not be true.

Take my private school life – it did not exist – actually, there were many periods in my primary school life where my schooling did not exist: I had long periods of absence either because of travelling or being too ill due to being bought up in a less conventional lifestyle – however, I still managed to attend over 10 schools (none private and including three universities).

This morning’s Guardian states “prospective lawyers must…do a law degree at 18 – which internationally is seen as an oddly young age to embark on a professional vocation“.[2]  The same applies for many Australian hopefuls wanting to enter the legal profession. Continue reading


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“Symbolic Meaning”: You expect to lie on a couch with the bearded therapist prying into your relationship with your mother through interpretation of your dreams using Jungian symbolic meaning or Rorschach inkblot tests… but it is not so hard …Here we explain the TM, R Circle and Copyright symbols without the beard or couch.