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The future is near

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Focus the time period to visualise the uptake of your technology

Successful inventors place their invention into the future by boot-strapping to, and improving on, known technologies. Inventors keep in mind the futurist’s rule of thumb that new technology’s:

  • speed of uptake is overestimated; and
  • impact is underestimated.

So let’s go on a journey. FULL POST


The shape of things to come

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Most of us are now familiar with the idea that a shape can gain protection as a registered trade mark. The Coca-Cola bottle is a famous example.

An Australian Federal Court decision this month (Bodum v DKSH Australia [2011] FCAFC 98) held that unregistered rights in features of a product’s shape can also be protected, if the shape itself has acquired a sufficient reputation.  FULL POST

A Patent Factory

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Patent factory are well known: the early pharmacies relied on patents that were bootstrapped into existing outlets.

One of the many patent factories that surround us or have influenced us

The patent factory

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The art of out of your mind & into a patent

The top patent filers in the major patent offices around the world often include at least one “patent factory”.

A patent factory is a company that generates patents but rarely builds products.  The idea behind a patent factory is that the patented invention can be licensed out to generate an income.
This is very similar to a venture capitalist who invests in start-ups, for which at least one in every ten start-ups will give a very positive return.  However, a patent factory does not invest in the people or infrastructure, just in patentable ideas.

Why generate patents? FULL POST

Franchises – What’s the cost of cloning success? The Initial Franchise Fee

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As an alternative to starting a business from scratch, the beautiful thing about buying a franchise is that the franchise is a proven business model which can be readily replicated by virtue of strong brands, tight marketing, purchasing power and a franchisor who well and truly knows the ropes.  As an established brand, consumer search costs are low with a franchise and significant goodwill already exists.

Too easy.  FULL POST

Self portrait #5

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Continuing the theme of the hidden self in self portraits

Action Man speaks

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Just attended Making Ideas Happen, Scott Belsky’s dynamic presentation @ Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney.
Insightful + inspirational thoughts on breaking free from the drunken orgy of ideas to achieve action and execution.
New Yorker, Scott is the founder / CEO of The Behance Network and guru to the creative industries.
Blogger extraordinaire 99%  and best selling author Making Ideas Happen
We are big fans of Behance – see 1P’s IP Conundrums