Mothers Day & Pancake Patents – improvements over looking up a pancake recipe

Happy Mother’s Day to all.  Now down to business to making breakfast in bed!

Do you look up a recipe or go to a patent to find out the critical steps?

On doing a search on for “pancakes” in the title I got 119 results (in 0.198 seconds) from all over the world. Some tasty-sounding morsels:

  • Process of making misted microwavable pancakes US 5277925
  • Sourdough pancake and waffle batter and method for making sourdough pancakes and waffles  US 2004/0009278 A1
  • Baker for waffles, pancakes and similar food items US 3999473 (now that’s a twist on the scantily clad woman popping out of a cake…favours  anyone struggling with pancake patents or recipes … & who said that you couldn’t get patents for people!)

& the list goes on…

But none of these pancake patents were anything on the enjoyment of having my kids “instruct” me on how to make pancakes for Mothers Day!


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