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Mothers Day & Pancake Patents – improvements over looking up a pancake recipe

Posted in 1P, Patent on May 9, 2010 by 1place

Happy Mother’s Day to all.  Now down to business to making breakfast in bed!

Do you look up a recipe or go to a patent to find out the critical steps?

On doing a search on for “pancakes” in the title I got 119 results (in 0.198 seconds) from all over the world. Some tasty-sounding morsels:

  • Process of making misted microwavable pancakes US 5277925
  • Sourdough pancake and waffle batter and method for making sourdough pancakes and waffles  US 2004/0009278 A1
  • Baker for waffles, pancakes and similar food items US 3999473 (now that’s a twist on the scantily clad woman popping out of a cake…favours  anyone struggling with pancake patents or recipes … & who said that you couldn’t get patents for people!)

& the list goes on…

But none of these pancake patents were anything on the enjoyment of having my kids “instruct” me on how to make pancakes for Mothers Day!


Polaroid, oh how we love thee!

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What an IP story…

Patents from the outset (1929), disruptive technology, awesome product, powerful brand, brand extension (eyewear), artworld status, licensing (some odd – Spice Cam?!), seemingly killed by disruptive shift from analog to digital photography, sad death of instant film in 2008 and loyal fan base ( save polaroid )…

Instant is now back from the dead with the new Polaroid 300 and Lady Gaga as the brand’s new creative director

The sky’s the limit

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