Why We Need More than more of same

Today it was reported that Apple may build its own search iPhone-centric search engine to keep valuable iPhone-user search data out of the hands of Google: http://bit.ly/bqrk9z

Why would Apple produce another search engine? Google is the default search engine on the iPhone and data about what iPhone users are searching for can help Google tailor software and services for its own mobile smartphone.

But is just another search engine valuable to consumers?

I say that as consumers we need something more:

Think: what is the next step from search engines? What if you could have a “Transaction Engine” that would allow you to type in your search and that then takes the search results and places the information sourced from multiple places into a coherent answer – like a self-forming Wikipedia.

Imagine – you have a legal question and you can place your question into a Transaction Engine so that it could ask you questions, and form say an agreement, essay, advice, … from multiple sources of information.

Consequently, the Transaction Engine also acts as a learning– teaching device. Our website at http://1place.com.au/ has a question/answer expert system. Expert systems are known. However, a Transaction Engine would allow users to draw from the masses of information on the net – quite a different tool, which would be valuable in many contexts.

Would this provide us with something more than another search engine – I believe that it would.


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