10 years since the Human Genome was sequenced, but …

The race started with the establishment of neuro-informatics, using software to analyse the 120-million-base-pair genome of the fruit fly.

USA’s Craig Venter, via his firm Celera, challenged established government funded science and started the race to sequence the human genome.  Along the journey his firm patented software and algorithms that were used to analyse the genome, as well as 150 drug targeted genes.

My understanding is that these patents did not, & do not, limit academic research into the human genome and that Venter’s team was a major contributor to public gene libraries.

Where does the race end? Craig Venter in his book “A Life Decoded” stated that the artificial cell was the next step, where drugs could be trialled by inserting cassettes of genes into DNA to model answers to disease and genetic deformities: Craig Venter is inspirational & what a decade!

See http://www.nature.com/news/2010/100331/full/464668a.html


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